• Barcode Labeling

Tape libraries commonly have the capability of optically scanning barcode labels which are attached to each tape, allowing them to automatically maintain an inventory of which tapes are where within the library. TeamTek offers this service to you, and we promise the fastest turnaround time with high quality Tri-Optic labels. With distribution centers on each coast, we can provide your labeled media quickly.

Why Tri-Optic labels?

  1. Tri-Optic labels have been tested and qualified by all the major library and media manufacturers, perform flawlessly and are supported by a lifetime warranty.
  2. These labels have been designed to meet and exceed storage library specifications.
  3. Tri-Optic label stock is more rigid than the competition, allowing the labels to be applied quicker and more accurately to the tape cartridges.
  4. This label stock uses a non-reflective matte top coat that eliminates reading issues with the storage library scanners.
  5. TeamTek ans Tri-Optic offer non-standard, logo, RFID and base 36 options for custom barcode labels.