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S12700 Series Agile Switches

Huawei S12700 series agile switches are core switches designed for next-generation campus networks. Using a fully programmable switching architecture, the S12700 series allows fast, flexible function customization and supports a smooth evolution to software-defined networking (SDN). The S12700 series uses Huawei Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) and provides native wireless access controller (AC) to help build a wired and wireless converged network. Its native broadband remote access server (BRAS) capabilities deliver refined user and service management, and Huawei's Packet Conservation Algorithm for Internet (iPCA) supports hop-by-hop monitoring of any service flows, helping you manage services in a more refined way. The S12700 series runs Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), which provides high-performance L2/L3 switching services as well as rich network services, such as MPLS VPN, hardware IPv6, desktop cloud, and video conferencing. In addition, the S12700 series offers a variety of reliability technologies including in-service software upgrade, non-stop forwarding, CSS2 switch fabric hardware clustering that allows 1+N backup of MPUs, hardware Eth-OAM/BFD, and ring network protection. These technologies help you improve productivity and maximize network operation time, and therefore reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The S12700 series is available in two models: S12708 and S12712.

S12708 S12712

CloudEngine 12800

The CE12800 Series is built on an advanced hardware architecture that has the highest performane of all core switches – providing a maximum of 48Tbps switching capacity and high-density line-speed ports. It provides the stability, reliabilty and security necessary to build a scalable, virtualized and converged data center or high-end campus network.

  • Up to 2Tbps per slot, 48 Tbps per chassis switching capacity to support sustainable development of cloud-computing data centers for the next 10 years
  • Industry-leading line card densities: 8*100GE and 24*40GE/96*10GE line cards
  • Up to maximum of 96*100*GE, 288*40GE or 1152*1GE ports
  • Unlimited capacity expansion, three-level CLOS architecture
  • Virtualization: Virtual System (VS) and Cluster Switch System (CSS)
  • L2 multipath protocol: TRILL
CE12804 CE12808 CE12812

CloudEngine 5800/6800

The CE5800/CE6800 Series utilizes an advanced architectural design with 40GE uplink ports and the industries’ highest density of GE/10GE access ports. With abundant data center service features and high stacking capability, CE6800 switches can work with CE12800 switches to build a scalable, virtualized and converged fabric, meeting the requirements of cloud-computing data centers.

  • Industry-leading 1U TOR Switch: 1.28Tbps switching capacity and up to a maximum 64*10GE ports
  • Industry-first 16-member stack system: this provides more than 768*10GE access ports to support high-density server access in a data center
  • Supports Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), which allows the storage service, data service and computing service to be transmitted on one network, reducing costs of network construction and maintenance
  • Supports IETF TRILL protocol
CE6850-48S4Q-EI CE6850-48T4Q-EI CE5850-48T4S2Q-EI


The 9700 is based on Huawei’s intelligent multilayer switching technology which provides high-end L2/L3 switching capabilities and integrates diversified services such as MPLS VPN, hardware IPV6, elastic cloud computing, high-definition video conferencing and large capacity wireless access.

  • Highest 40GE Port Density: 8*40GE per slot, 7.68Tbs per chassis
  • Up to a maximum 480*10GE ports, 96*40GE ports
  • Cluster Switching System (CSS) provides up to 640Gbps stack bandwidth (4 times the industry average)
  • Revolving air flow and Energy Efficient Ethernet provide up to 30% energy savings
S9703 S9706 S9712


The S7700 series enterprise switches (S7700s) are high-end smart routing switches, which can function either as an aggregation or core node on a campus network to provide integrated wireless access or as an aggregation node in a data center.Based on carrier-class design, each S7700 switch supports 480x 10GE ports and can deliver 99.999% reliability in any enterprise environment. This high density of 10GE ports and high uptime, along with the ability to integrate voice, video, data and wireless services, helps enterprises build integrated, full-service networks and bring their campus and data centers into the era of the all 10GE core network.

  • High performance: up to 128G per slot, 100GE Ready
  • Patented Cluster Switching System (CSS) via switch fabrics that can provide industry-leading 256Gbps cluster bandwidth
  • Up to 480*10GE ports, 24*40GE ports
  • Visual fault diagnosis and hardware based OAM
  • Redundant backup for key components, including MPUs, power supply units, and fans – all of which are hot swappable
S7703 S7706 S7712


Large capacity and high density 10Gbps access, the S6700 supports up to a maximum of 48 line-speed 10GE ports and can be deployed in a data center to provide 10Gbps access to servers, or function as a core switch on a campus network to provide 10Gbps traffic aggregation. The S6700 Series of switches also provide a wide variety of services, comprehensive security policies, and various QoS features to help customers build scalable, manageable, reliable, and secure data centers.

  • High 10GE port density: 48 wire-speed 10GE ports
  • Stack – 160Gbps maximum throughput with 9 devices,
  • Smart Ethernet protection: multi-level cascade; multi-vendor interoperability
  • Enhanced QoS control mechanism: complex traffic
S6700-24-EI S6700-48-EI


Designed for high-bandwidth access and Ethernet multi-service aggregation, the S5700 provides large switching capacity and high-density GE ports to accommodate 10Gbps upstream transmissions. The S5700 Series of switches are all highly scalable and flexible , and can function as an access or aggregation switch on a campus network, a gigabit access switch in an Internet data center (IDC), or a desktop switch to provide 1Gbps terminal access.

  • Flexible port combinations: 48GE+8*10GE ports or 64GE+4*10GE ports
  • iStack – 80Gbps maximum throughput with 9 devices
  • Hardware BFD and Ethernet OAM
  • POE+ (30W per port), Port Hibernation and Energy Efficient Ethernet provide up to 30% energy savings
  • Netstream – visualizing service and traffic management
S5700-24TP-(PWR)-SI S5700(S)-52P-(PWR)-LI S5700-28X-(PWR)-LI
S5700-28C-(PWR)-SI/EI-(24S) S5700-48TP-(PWR)-SI S5710-28C-(PWR)-LI
S5700-52C-(PWR)-SI/EI-(24S) S5700-52X-(PWR)-LI S5700(S)-28P-(PWR)-LI
S5700/S5710-52C-(PWR)-LI/EI S5700-28C-HI(-245) S5700-10P-(PWR)-LI


Utilizing cutting-edge switching technologies and Huawei’s Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the S2700 Series switch makes multi-service provisioning easy to install and maintain. Along with its flexible VLAN deployment, comprehensive security and QoS policies, and energy-saving technologies, the S2700 also helps customers build next-generation IT networks and can be used in a variety of enterprise network scenarios.

  • Flexible VLAN deployment
  • Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) for multi-service provisioning
  • Comprehensive security and QOS policies
  • Auto Configure
  • HGMP group management
  • Embedded 6 KV surge protection
  • 802.1x and MAC address authentication
  • PoE+
S2700-9TP-(PWR)-EI/SI S2700-18TP--EI/SI S2700-26TP-(PWR)-EI/SI
S2700-26TP-(PWR)-EI/SI S270(1)0-52TP-EI/SI  


Easy to install and maintenance-free, the S1700 Series is an energy-saving access switch. Providing a wide array of features to help build a secure and reliable network, the S1700 is easily the ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises, schools, hotels and retail locations.

  • Up to 30% energy savings
  • Fan-less design
  • Port hibernation and Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • One-button operation for system recovery, upgrades and information collection
  • PoE
S1700-8-AC S1700-8G-AC S1700-24-AC
S1724G S1700-52R-2T2P-AC S1728GWR-4P
S1700-28GFR-4P-AC S1700-28GFR-2T2P-AC S1700-52GFR-4P-AC